41st Elite Corps

Buzz, Gree, and Draa: members of the 41st Elite Corps.

The 41st Elite Corps was a specially trained combat legion of elite clone troopers placed under command of Jedi Generals Yoda and Luminara Unduli and Commander Gree. Many smaller squads of clone troopers also belonged to the 41st, including Green Company.


Most members of the 41st Elite had green markings on their clone trooper armor. Although, many of the lower ranking clones of the 41st wore standard white clone trooper gear. The members were also known to use a wide variety of weaponry.

Bombad Jedi

On Rodia, C-3PO, Padmé and Jar Jar Binks have been betrayed by Senator Farr, and are taken prisoner by Separatist soldiers. Jar Jar and Padmé manage to free themselves while C-3PO radios the Corps for rescue. Led by Commander Gree, they take Nute Gunray off the planet and into Republic captivity and safely escort the others off of Rodia.

Cloak of Darkness

Gunray is held captive by the Republic on the Tranquility, while the Green Company watches over the ship. Eventually separatist droids break into the ship and engage in a brief fight with the Green Company and the Senate Commandos also on board. The droids quickly defeat the Green Company and Asajj Ventress takes one of the trooper's radio, so she can hear the Corps' communications. As the Super Battle Droids push the clones back down a hallway, Commander Gree and General Luminara attack from the an adjacent hallway, finishing the droids. Later on, Captain Argyus betrays his men and attacks Commander Gree in an attempt to free the Viceroy. Gree defeats Argyus, but is knocked unconscious by Gunray. The two would then evade capture and escape with Ventress.

Weapons Factory

The 41st Corps arrive with General Luminara to provide support for the assault on a major droid factory in Geonosis. They help storm the front gate to provide a distraction for Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee.

Notable Members

41st Elite Corps
Gree Buzz Draa2. Green leader
Gree Buzz Draa Green Leader


Green Company

Green Company, a division of the 41st Elite Corps


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