ARC Troopers, formally known as Advanced Recon Commandos, were elite clone troopers who served the Republic during the Clone Wars. They were usually sent on various combat missions that other clones could not accomplish. While this was the case for most ARC Troopers, several other ARCs chose to remain on Kamino to observe Clone Cadet training and to pick out potential ARC Trooper candidates from the latest batch of Cadets.


ARC Troopers wore an
experimental version of Phase II clone trooper armor that was equipped with many devices. The armor set included a kama and pauldron for added defense and had specialized helmets whithatre equipped with range finders. ARC Trooper armor was overall bulkier and served as a preview for the Phase II clone trooper armor. Eventually, when the Phase II armor was issued, all known ARC Troopers began ultitilng the more flexible and comfortable version. ARC Troopers commonly customized their armor for identification purposes and were known to have intricate designs on their equipment, particularily their kamas. Traditionally, like standard Clone troopers, the color of an ARC Trooper's armor depended on their rank. However, this was practice was rescinded as the war progressed. Below is a list of ARC Trooper ranks and their corresponding color codes though Fives and Echo wore Blue armor due to them being in the 501st.

ARC Commander Colt

  • Green - Sergeant
  • Blue - Lieutenant
  • Red - Captain
  • Yellow - Commander

Known ARC troopers



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