Three ARF Troopers of Rancor Battlion in battle

ARF Troopers, formally known as Advanced Recon Force Troopers, were specialized clone troopers who served during the Clone Wars. Their jobs included scouting and participating in recon missions. ARF troopers, who were often assigned to scout on enemy positions, made use of an AT-RT to help them easily cross the terrain. In addition, ARF troopers, due to their skill in piloting the vehicles, provided valuable fire support to Clone troopers when fighting ground battles.

ARF troopers also had modified helmets that helped them in harsh environments such as deserts and jungles. Because of this, many basic Clone troopers were also equipped with these helmets while on planets with harsh conditions. ARF troopers saw action in some of the bigger battles of the Clone Wars, including Ryloth, Kamino, Geonosis, Teth, Devaron, and Umbara.



An ARF Trooper in Phase II armor.

The color and patterns of ARF trooper armor varied widely. Sometimes, the colors depended on the planet they were deployed to while, in other times, it depended on what unit they served in.

Standard ARF trooper armor was white, like normal clones. Standard white ARF trooper armor displayed colored markings at times to signify rank and position. ARF troopers Stak and Razor were known to have small green markings on their helmets and blue slashes on their helmets. For Stak: two. For Razor: four.

On Geonosis, ARF troopers, also known as Desert Troopers, wore yellow and brown camoflauged ar
Desert Trooper Hi-Def

An ARF Trooper on Geonosis, better known as the Desert Trooper

mor to blend into the environment as well as to distinguish themselves from other units since they belonged to the 212th Attack Battalion.

Forest Troopers worked in vast jungle environments and wore ARF Trooper Armor with green camouflage. In the Clone Wars film, an ARF trooper and ARF Lieutenant on Teth were shown to wear gray camouflaged armor. ARF troopers that belonged to Rancor Battalion had distinctive red markings on their armor. ARF troopers who served in the 501st Legion had blue markings.

Phase II armor


ARF Troopers on Kamino.

The Phase II variant of the ARF trooper armor was slightly different. Two pads covered the sides of the ARF trooper's helmet (with one on each side) and an antenna was added for better communication. In addition, ARF troopers sported the more flexible Phase II body armor. It should be noted that ARF troopers in Phase II gear bore a slight resemblance to AT-RT drivers ands troopers.

Known ARF Troopers


  • A LEGO version of the Rancor Battalion ARF trooper was released in the 2012 LEGO Star Wars set, 9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack.


  • Waxer
  • 501st arf trooper
  • Wolfpack arf trooper
  • Hound with a Massiff.
  • Forest TrooperGo to Forest Trooper
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