The Clone Wars
Acclamator I-class Assault Ship
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Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Class: Assault Ship
Technical Information
Length: 752 meters
  • 100 proton torpedoes
  • 24 point-defense laser cannons
  • 12 quad turbolaser cannons


The Acclamator I-class assault ship was one of the most recognizable ships of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. It quickly gained a reputation as a formidable starship, sporting an impressive blend of fire power and transport capability.

This class demonstrated its unique weaponry and efficiency in the very first battle of the Clone Wars on Geonosis. From then on, the assault ships would find themselves across the galaxy for numerous campaigns, including Christophsis, Ryloth and Geonosis early on and Aleena and Umbara in the waning days of the war.


Republic Assault Ship

Acclamator assault ship

The Acclamator-class had a terrifying amount of weaponry and was capable of devastating an entire planet. These vessels had four heavy proton torpedo launch tubes and carried a load of one hundred torpedos. A total of twenty four point defense laser cannons were responsible for protecting the vessel from enemy fighter craft, while an additional twelve quad turbolaser cannons provided the Acclamator with considerable offensive firepower for ship-to-ship engagements.


The Acclamator's primary purpose was as a troop carrier and as such was able to deliver a myriad of different vehicle support and troop transport units to the battlefield.



  • Various images of the Acclamator-class in the series are depicted as having windows on it's bridge tower. However, this is in contrast with Star Wars: Incredible Cross Sections which states the vessel's bridge as windowless, and instead furnished with holograms.