The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars

"Aftermath" is the first episode of the first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It is the first episode of the series overall. It was released on May 4, 2021 on Disney+.


As the Clone War comes to an end, the Bad Batch face tough choices in a changing galaxy...





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Behind the scenes

  • "Aftermath" was released on May 4, 2021, exactly a year after the release "Victory and Death", the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    • May 4 is synonymous with Star Wars Day, an annual celebration of the franchise. ("May the Force/Fourth be with you.")
  • With a runtime of 71 minutes and 10 seconds, the series premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the longest episode of any Star Wars television series to date. It dethroned Star Wars: The Mandalorian's second season premiere, "Chapter 9: The Marshal", that clocks in at 49 minutes and 53 seconds.
    • In the realm of animation, this episode surpasses the runtime of Star Wars Rebels's series finale, "Family Reunion - and Farewell", which stands at 45 minutes and 33 seconds. The Rebels finale was previously the longest animated Star Wars television episode to date.
    • It should be noted that The Clone Wars film holds a longer runtime than this episode with 94 minutes and 26 seconds. However, the four-episode compilation was released theatrically while "Aftermath" was released digitally on Disney+. Further, "Aftermath" constitutes the first episode of its series overall while the theatrical release is considered a standalone special.
      • Nevertheless, this feature-length premiere of The Bad Batch pays homage to the cinematic launch of The Clone Wars, its predecessor.
        • Another interesting note is that the titles of both The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch's episodic debuts are single nouns beginning with the letter "A": "Ambush" and "Aftermath", respectively. Whether this was intentional or not is as of yet unknown.
  • The red opening title of The Clone Wars burns away to reveal the scorched and battered title card of The Bad Batch, symbolic of the connection between the two series.
  • The newsreel recreates a number of shots from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, in which Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Sheev Palpatine, and Grievous are depicted.
  • Ten actors reprise their roles from previous Star Wars media.
  • The opening sequence of this episode adapts the events of the first two issues of the comic Star Wars: Kanan Book I: The Last Padawan which depicted Caleb Dume's experience of Order 66 on Kaller. There are a few discrepancies between the show and the comic.
    • The Bad Batch are shown on Kaller working with Dume when Order 66 is issued; they are obviously absent from the comic.
    • Depa Billaba's lightsaber blade is blue, while she wields a green lightsaber in the comic.
    • Captain Grey was originally a Commander with red markings on his armor, while his cinematic portrayal features similar markings but colored green. Additionally, Grey's helmet was off when he received Order 66 in the comic; it stays on in the episode.

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