"I welcome you as a servant of the people, but I am troubled by the false rumors that brought you here."
―Almec to Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Almec was a male Mandalorian who was the Prime minister of Mandalore during the Clone Wars. He was a member of the peaceful New Mandalorian faction. During the Clone Wars, Almec served the New Mandalorian government as Prime Minister, taking up residence in the New Mandalorian capital city of Sundari.



A supporter of New Mandalorian ruler, Duchess Satine Kryze, Almec was a firm believer in the New Mandalorians' peaceful ways and did his best to watch over and represent the interests of Mandalore. His dedication to his people would be his undoing, however, as when Mandalore was cut off from Republic aid, Almec took it upon himself to establish a black market trade network of illicit smugglers to bring much needed goods to the New Mandalorian people. These smugglers poisoned the people of Sundari with slabin-tainted tea, putting numerous children in the hospital. Almec was exposed as the leader of the black market network, and the one responsible for the children's poisoning, and was imprisoned for his crimes.

Shades of Reason

"Duchess Satine, the so-called pacifist who could not protect you when your lives were at stake, has murdered Pre Vizsla, the true hero of Mandalore. Satine is now under arrest, and it was Pre Vizsla's last command that I be reinstated as Prime Minister. I know my past is checkered, but I promise you I take full responsibility for my people, and my heart now bleeds for your pain. However, from this point on, Mandalore will be strong, and we will be known as the warriors we were always meant to be!"
―Almec's address to the public after the Takeover on Mandalore[src]

Almec was released from prison by Darth Maul, who was seeking a leader to control as the public prime minister of Mandalore. Almec made a statement to the citizens, stating that former Duchess Satine killed Pre Vizsla, the former prime minister whom Maul had killed in an honor duel and the supposed "hero" of Mandalore after taking control of the planet when the New Mandalorian government failed.

Old Friends Not Forgotten

Late in the war, the Republic launched an invasion of Mandalore to capture Maul and free Mandalore from the Shadow Collective's rule. Led by former Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, the Republic united with the Nite Owls in laying siege to Sundari. Almec protested the Republic's invasion as a violation of their treaty, but Bo-Katan Kryze knew of his allegiance to Maul and swore to remove him from power. Almec ordered Gar Saxon to deploy their forces against the attackers. Saxon questioned whether they were prepared for such an assault.

Indeed, the Republic forces swiftly routed Saxon and his forces, forcing them to retreat. Almec ordered them to the city's underlevels where Maul would meet them. Rook Kast reported that Tano and her Clone Troopers followed their forces into the tunnels, precisely as Maul had predicted. Suddenly, the Royal Palace came under attack by the Nite Owls. Bo-Katan fought in hand-to-hand combat with Almec, eventually overpowering him. She demanded to know Maul's whereabouts, to which Almec replied that Maul lured the Republic here seeking a Jedi, only they sent the wrong one.

The Phantom Apprentice

Following his capture, Almec was questioned by Tano, Bo-Katan, and Clone Commander Rex about what Maul had revealed to Tano in their earlier duel. Tano asked him whether Maul had ever mentioned his former master, Darth Sidious. Almec had no recollection of the name. Maul's recent visions only involved a Jedi, one who would be instrumental in the fate of the galaxy. Before Almec could reveal his name, he was shot through his prison cell by Saxon, on orders from Maul to silence him should he cooperate with the Republic. Tano asked Almec, mortally wounded, who Maul had seen in his vision. Almec divulged that the Jedi was named Skywalker, and subsequently died of his wounds.


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