Aut-O was a Super Tactical Droid who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


His ship was infiltrated by the D-Squad in order to take a Separatist encryption module, which allowed Grievous to encrypt his messages in the area. Aut-O was entrusted to keep it safe from enemy hands on board his ship. When he noticed a disturbance on C-Deck, where the encryption module was being held, he headed there with his troops, just in time to intercept D-Squad as they attempted to steal the module. A fight erupted- Aut-O's troops were destroyed, but the super tactical droid himself tried to grab R2-D2's leg as the droid flew up to steal the module. Colonel Meebur Gascon and WAC-47 attacked Aut-O to distract him, but the super tactical droid overpowered them and prepared to kill Colonel Gascon when R2 fell on his head on purpose, beheading the vile droid. With his last efforts, the super tactical droid sent out a distress call to his other troops, but despite this, D-Squad managed to escape the ship with the stolen encryption module.


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