The Clone Wars

Axe was a clone trooper pilot during the Clone Wars. He was the leader of Blue Squadron.


Battle of Ryloth[]

During the battle, he was under the command of Ahsoka Tano. Axe was part of the attacking team to try and bring down the enemy's blockade to allow JediObi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu to lead the ground invasion. After making his way along with the rest of his squadron and Ahsoka to the blockade runner, Mar Tuuk called for reinforcements, and the team had fallen for the Separatists trick. Ahsoka refused to return to the ship, but after the squad was attacked by vulture droids and picked off one by one, Ahsoka finally called for a retreat. Axe was among the few clones that survived to make the retreat towards the Resolute. While retreating, Axe's ship suffered damage and exploded before he could get on board, leaving only Ahsoka and two other pilots from his squadron to return to the cruiser safely.

Behind the Scenes[]

Axe, unlike most clone troopers, stands 2.08 meters instead of 1.83 meters tall.