B2 Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid 4
Biological Information
Droid Model: B2
Line: B-series battle droids
Gender: Masculine programing
Biographic Information
Weapon(s): Built-in twin arm laser cannons (2)
  • Soldier
Height: 1.93 meters

The B2 Super Battle Droid, or Super Battle Droid, was a common infantry unit of the Droid Army. They were a much stronger and more advanced version of the B1 Battle Droid; their armor could withstand direct hits from small caliber weapons.


This droid was large, hefty and overall com more corpulent than its comrade, the B1 Battle Droid. It had a large body as well as grey armor plating. The Super Battle Droid's arms were strong enough to be able to grasp opponents and throw them aside. The droids head was attached to its massive upper body. It featured two white photoreceptors on its cranial unit. These droids also have deep voices in comparison to their B1 commrades and spoke more rarely. The droids were durable, strong and able to outman a clone trooper with little or no fire power, but were still easily destroyed by the strike of a lightsaber. 

Super Battle Droids were equipped with dual wrist blasters, but most only used one in open area combat. These droids also had a heavy assault variant, equipped with a arm mounted cannon, known as the B2-HA super battle droid, and a airborne variant, known as the B2-RP Battle Droid.


B2 lineup

B2 Super Battle Droids.


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