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The Second Battle of Mon Calamari, officially known as the Battle of Mon Cala, was a battle started when King Yos Kolina was assassinated by the Karkadon, Riff Tamson. Prince Lee-Char was next in line to be the new king, but the Quarren race didn't want another Mon Cala king, so Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala attempted to find a compromise. But Riff Tamson and the Separatists had other intentions, proceeding to launch a Quarren-Separatist attack on the Mon Calamari, and civil war was waged between Lee-Char with the Republic and Riff Tamson of the Separatists.


Prince Lee-Char Dooku (Orders via Hologram)
Jedi General Kit Fisto Riff Tamson (Killed)
Jedi General Anakin Skywalker Chieftain Nossor Ri (Early and mid battle)
Captain Ackbar Aqua Droid Lieutenant
Senator Padmé Amidala Aqua Droids
Representative Jar Jar Binks (Mid and late battle) Quarren Warriors (Early and mid battle)
Ahsoka Tano Hydroid Medusas
Commander Monnk B1 Battle Droids
Clone SCUBA Troopers
Gungan Warriors
Captain Rex
Chieftain Nossor Ri (Late battle)
Quarren Warriors (Late battle)
Squadrons of LAAT Gunships At least two Separatist Landing ships
Mini-Subs Trident-class assault ships
Consular-class cruiser One Separatist Dreadnought
Two Venator-class star destroyers


  • Republic victory
  • The Separatists are expelled from the planet
  • The Quarren leave the Separatists
  • Prince Lee-Char is crowned


Grand Army of the Republic


  • 1 Consular-class cruiser
  • Many Mon Calamari
  • Many SCUBA Troopers
  • Many Gungans

Confederacy of Independant Systems


  • Many Aqua droids
  • At least one Hydroid Medusa
  • At least two Trident Drills
  • Many Quarren
  • Commander Riff Tamson
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