The Clone Wars
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"I have led our people since before you were born. I've seen a hundred planets rise and fall through force of arms. If it's not the Separatists out there, then it is an aggressive and malevolent enemy nonetheless, and I will not let whoever it is jeopardize the security of the people of Pantora."
―Chi Cho, to Riyo Chuchi[src]
Orto Plutonia

The wounded Chairman protected by the remaining clones

The Battle of Orto Plutonia was a battle on the snowy planet Orto Plutonia between the Galactic Republic with the Pantorans against the Talz.

The Battle[]

"The great Thi-Sen, son of sons, asks again to leave or it will be... war."
"Then war it is."
C-3PO and Chi Cho[src]
Rex 10

Rex being attacked by the Talz

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi investigated the mysterious disappearance of a base they built on Orto Plutonia. They discovered a Separatist base not far from their own and eventually a Talz village and they communicated with their leader, Thi-Sen. The Jedi told them that they would leave them in peace, but Chairman Chi Cho refused to give up a planet which he believed to be his own sovereign territory. As a result, war was declared between the Talz and the people of Pantora.

The clones were ordered to protect the fanatic chairman that tried to lead the troopers to battle. They were ambushed by the Talz and the Chairman was wounded. Weakend in numbers and strength, the soldiers had to make a last stand by an icy gorge. Finally the Jedi arrived with Senator Riyo Chuchi who ended the conflict by declaring the Talz a sovereign Force on Orto Plutonia and evacuated the planet. The Chairman succumbed to his wounds.