"Quiet! We are the Black Sun!"
―Xomit Grunseit to Darth Maul, moments before his death[src]

The Black Sun was a criminal syndicate that operated on numerous Outer Rim worlds during the Clone Wars. However their influence was Galaxy wide, extending into the Core Worlds as well.

The focus of the Jedi Knights on defeating the Separatists saw a substantial decline in their law enforcement duties, particularly in the sparsely patrolled Outer Rim Territories. This allowed criminal elements, like the notorious Black Sun syndicate, to flourish. The Black Sun's tentacles reach across many worlds. Many of the organization's operatives had no idea that they were benefiting Black Sun, so layered and intricate were the fronts that the syndicate hid behind. During the time of the Clone Wars, Black Sun was led by a cabal of Falleen nobles, who operated out of a well-defended fortress on Mustafar.



In 20 BBY, Sith Lord Darth Maul traveled to Mustafar to recruit the Black Sun faction there, commanded by Xomit Grunseit, to join his own organization, the Shadow Collective, which already recruited the Death Watch. When Grunseit refused to join him, Maul's brother, Savage Opress, killed him and all his council members with a Lightsaber throw. Grunseit's Captain of the Guard, Ziton Moj, however, opted to join Maul.


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