"Move It troopers, on the double! Fire!"
―Blitz, leading a squad of ARF troopers during the Third Battle of Kamino[src]

Blitz was an ARC trooper commander who served in Rancor Battalion during the Clone Wars. After Rancor Battalion was called back to Kamino, Blitz worked alongside ARC troopers Colt and Havoc in evaluating clone cadets' final stage of training to see if they had the potential to become ARC troopers. Blitz later fought in the Third Battle of Kamino and was one of the two ARCs, the other being ARC trooper Hammer, to survive the battle.


Blitz wore experimental Phase II clone trooper armor that was personalized with yellow markings. His set of armor featured a rank-signifying pauldron, a kama that was painted white with black diamonds and extra ammunition pouches as well as extra protective plating.


Clone Cadets


Blitz leading the Clone Cadets' graduation ceremony.

Blitz was present when ARC Commander Colt addressed the latest batch of clone cadets. He later watched over the cadets undertake their final tests from an observation deck. Blitz was also present when the newest battalion of clone troopers was ready to depart from Kamino, ordering them to place their new helmets on before marching to the awaiting cruiser.

ARC Troopers

When the Separatists launched an invasion on Kamino, Blitz led three ARF troopers in destroying the Trident Drills that were attacking Tipoca City. Blitz was last seen supervising the clean up of an area along with fellow ARC trooper Hammer as Echo and Fives were being promoted to ARC trooper status by Commander Cody and Captain Rex.


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