The Clone Wars

The Blue Shadow Virus being converted to a gaseous form

This page is about the Blue Shadow Virus itself. You may be looking for the episode by the same name.

The Blue Shadow Virus was a deadly pathogen that plagued the galaxy many generations before the Clone Wars period capable of wiping out the populations of entire planets. Years before the Clone Wars, it was eliminated from the galaxy, until Dr. Nuvo Vindi succeeded in reviving the virus inside his laboratory on Naboo with the hopes of using it to kill billions of sentient beings across all known space. The Blue Shadow Virus was in its original form a waterborne pathogen and so Dr. Vindi first spread it through the Gungan waterways. However, in Vindi's twisted quest to recreate the Blue Shadow Virus, he altered the virus's genetic structure increasing its potential to spread through both the water and the air.

After discovering Nuvo's experiments, the Republic forces learned of this new capability after the doctor told them that he had also prepared several explosive devices designed to release the virus into the air over numerous population centers. The Jedi were soon able to stop Nuvo Vindi and discover an effective treatment for the deadly plague.