The Clone Wars

CS-321 was an RA-7 Protocol Droid that was owned by Weequay pirates. It was destroyed when it was melted down in a Separatist incinerator room. CS-321 appeared to be tan in color and bore several brown designs.

Nomad Droids[]

"Soon it will be us."
―CS-321 to C-3PO about fighting K0-5D in a gladiatorial arena[src]

CS-321 was first seen witnessing a Vendor droid being dismantled and burned by K0-5D. Standing alongside C-3PO, he informed them that they would be the next victims.

Soon after, the pirate frigate was destroyed by General Grievous causing all of the droids to be pulled into space. Like 3PO and R2, CS-321 landed in General Griveous' ship and was taken to the incinerator room to be melted down and used as a building parts. Afriaid of being incinerated, the droid attempted to escape, however he was shot by several B1 Battle Droids and was destroyed in the furnace.


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