The Clone Wars

"This is the deck officer checking in. Nothing going on... as usual."
―CT-327 reporting to Sergeant O'Niner[src]

CT-327 was a clone trooper deck officer during the Clone Wars. He served as a sentry and watched for enemy activity on the Rishi moon.


CT-327 wore Phase I Clone Trooper Armor which was marked only with occasional scratches. He had macrobinoculars on his helmet.


CT-327 and a group of clone troopers, including Fives, Echo, and Hevy, were stationed in a listening post on the Rishi moon due to the Republic's need to observe Confederate activity in the Outer Rim. CT-327 was tasked with guarding the base exterior while the remaining clone troopers stayed within the listening post. During one of his patrols, CT-327 noticed a meteor shower. Unbeknownst to him, Confederate droid commandos, onboard a Droch-class boarding ship, were hiding in the meteor shower. CT-327 was instantly killed when one of the droids struck him with a stun baton.