The Clone Wars

"You had your chance to be one of us. You chose the wrong side."
―CX-2 to Crosshair

CX-2 was a Clone X Trooper who served the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era. He was activated at Mount Tantiss on Wayland and assigned to silence fellow assassin, CX-1, who had been captured by Clone Captain Rex and the Clone Underground. While tracking CX-1 to a compound on Teth, CX-2 also located the genetically modified clone, Omega, who was the prime target of Imperial target, Royce Hemlock.

He eliminated CX-1 as well as most of the rogue clones in the base and pursued the survivors, including Clone Force 99, into the jungles. Blatantly disregarding the Imperial recovery team led by Clone Commander Wolffe, he shot down their escape vessel and caught up to them just ahead of their extraction point. He nearly killed Crosshair in hand-to-hand combat, only to be was stunned by Howzer and fall from a waterfall. He survived the fall but failed to stop Omega and the other clones from escaping.

He was present at the vault within Tantiss Base when Clone Force 99 broke into the facility to free Omega and the rest of the clones imprisoned there. After cutting off Crosshair's shooting hand, he and the other clone assassins imprisoned Crosshair, Hunter, and Wrecker in the vault for reconditioning. However, with Omega's help, the clones broke free. CX-2 fought Hunter and Crosshair in hand-to-hand combat but was ultimately killed when Hunter impaled him against a reconditioning chamber, destroying Hemlock's Clone X Trooper program in the process.


The Bad Batch[]