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Clone troopers of the 501st

Clone troopers

A Clone refers to an artificially created being designed and bred using the genetic material of another host being.

Description and History

Clones are most often physically identical to the being from which they were originally created however this may not always be the case because clones are generally created to serve in roles that others do not wish to perform. These roles may include anything from manual labor to warfare as was the case with for the clones created for the Grand Army of the Republic. Due to these considerations, clones are often genetically modified to make them more efficient in their assigned duties.

Similarly to droids clones can be produced and sold en masse making the process of producing them, cloning, an advanced and profitable industry. The Kamino cloners are considered some of the finest in the galaxy by those who are aware of their existence are dependent on the manufacture of clones, often for military purposes, for their source of income.


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