Clone marshal commander Cody.

Clone Commanders were an advanced breed of Clone Trooper that specialized in commanding clone regiments and battalions in the Grand Army of the Republic. These commanders usually served as the second-in-command to the Jedi Generals aiding them in battle.

Advanced Training

Clone commanders received a higher degree of training than that of the other clones. Their training allowed them to be quicker in thinking and coordination, and as a side result, gave them more individuality than the other clones.

Clone Battalion Commander

Clone battalion commanders led battalions of clone troopers while supported by majors, and while there were many standard Clone commanders placed in charge of battalions, they were specially assigned for their leadership role.

Clone Regimental Commander

Clone regimental commanders were commanders placed in charge of regiments, in addition to Jedi Commanders.

Senior Clone Commander

A Senior clone commander, such as Gree, was a high-ranking clone trooper commander, only 320 of which existed, who was usually placed in charge of a legion alongside a Jedi General.

Clone Marshal Commander

Being at the highest possible rank of a clone trooper, Clone marshal commanders, such as Cody who was in charge of the Third Systems Army, received even further advanced training than their standard counterparts and often led large battalions or Corps with High Jedi Generals.


Normally, clone trooper commanders wore standard clone trooper armor with yellow markings on their gloves and boots. However, this was seldom seen for most of the war, as color more frequently signified unit affiliation, not rank. Most clone commanders had a certain distinction from the regular clones, and that their armor was customized to show their status as a high ranking clone. At first, the commanders were distinguished by colored markings on their armor. Add-ons such as kamas and pauldrons became more prominent along with personalized markings and equipment such as DC-17 pistols, grenades, and ammo belts.

Notable Clone Commanders

Specific rank and type denoted where known.

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