The Clone Wars
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"The defective clones with... desirable mutations."
Commander Cody, on Clone Force 99[src]

Clone Force 99, also known as Experimental Unit 99 and calling themselves the Bad Batch, was a clone commando squad led by Sergeant Hunter during the Clone Wars. The squad was formed from four Clone Troopers born with "desirable" genetic mutations that set them apart physically and mentally from their standard counterparts. These mutations were enhanced to make them superior to other soldiers on the battlefield.

The commando unit was named after 99, a malformed maintenance clone in honor of his bravery and sacrifice in defense of Kamino from a Separatist invasion.


  • Hunter "Havoc One" (Leader)
  • Tech "Havoc Two" (Technology expert; deceased)
  • Wrecker "Havoc Three" (Demolitions expert)
  • Crosshair (Sniper; left squad, later rejoined)
  • Echo "Havoc Four" (Slicer)
  • Omega "Havoc Five"


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