The Clone Wars

Clone X was a Clone Assassin who worked as a mercenary for the Galactic Empire. Reporting directly to Vice Admiral Rampart, he was deployed to silence anyone who tried to reveal to the Imperial Senate the truth behind the destruction of Tipoca City.

Clone X was a skilled sniper and infiltrator who had his identifying number wiped. When captured by Clone Captain Rex, Clone X merely called himself "a believer" before taking his own life with suicide shocker teeth.


The Clone Conspiracy[]

Clone X was sent by Vice Admiral Rampart to eliminate a Clone Trooper named "Cade" who had served aboard Rampart's Venator-class Star Destroyer. Cade sent Rampart a message threatening to expose to truth that he ordered the bombardment of Tipoca City to the Imperial Senate, undermining Rampart's efforts to pass the Defense Recruitment Bill and allow the Empire to build an army of loyal recruits, thus phasing out clone troopers. As Cade and his comrade "Slip" departed the clone bar 79's, Clone X killed him with a sniper bolt and attempted to take out Slip as well, but the latter got away.

While searching for Slip, Clone X contacted Rampart for an update. They'd become aware that Slip had made contact with Pantoran senator Riyo Chuchi to enlist her help in exposing the truth. Rampart ordered Clone X to take them both out. Clone X succeeded in eliminating Slip and pursued Chuchi into an industrial building, taking out her two bodyguards as well. But before he could finish her off, Clone X was stunned by the rogue clone, Captain Rex, took him into custody and rescued Chuchi.

When Rex interrogated him, he found no identifying marks or ID chips anywhere on the assassin. Clone X refused to answer Rex's questions and instead told him he was fighting the wrong battle. When Rex asked what he was, Clone X replied simply that he was "a believer" before biting down on a suicide shocker in his teeth, killing himself.


The Bad Batch[]