The Clone Wars

"I have an idea, but you're gonna have to trust me."
"I'm not gonna like it, am I?"
"You don't like anything."
"[sigh] ...true.
Omega and Crosshair[src]

Crosshair, designated CT-9904, was a marksman in Clone Force 99, an elite squad of genetically modified clone commandos. A skilled sniper, Crosshair wore a modified helmet compatible with his sniper rifle's scope along with a specialized rangefinder. His devotion to marksmanship was matched only by his cynicism towards the war and the "regular" Clone Troopers he was sometimes forced to fight alongside. He led a squad of conscripted soldiers under the Galactic Empire, which he chose to serve unlike the rest of his squad. However, Crosshair eventually turned on the Empire and was captured, eventually placed under the care of Doctor Royce Hemlock at Mount Tantiss. Crosshair was then subjected to the doctor's genetic reconditioning before escaping with the help of Omega.


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