"We are the Death Watch, descendants of the true warrior faith all Mandalorians once knew. Now we are living in exile because we will not abandon our heritage. Our people were warriors. Strong. Feared! Now they're ruled by the New Mandalorians who believe that being a pacifist is a good thing. They've given away our honor and tradition for peace. Duchess Satine and her corrupt leadership are crushing our souls, destroying our identity! That is our struggle."
―Pre Vizsla[src]

The Death Watch, or Kyr'tsad in Mando'a, was a splinter faction within the Mandalorian culture who believed that the savage raider lifestyle was the truth path for the Mandalorians.


Originally created by Tor Vizsla, the group emerged as an opposition force against Jaster Mereel, the Mandalore at the time, and his Supercommando Codex. The Codex outlined a series of new ideas embracing honorable conduct as a new necessary evolution for the Mandalorian people.

Individuals like Tor Vizsla who enjoyed preying on the

Death Watch soldiers loyal to Darth Maul

weak and helpless were outraged and so they formed the Death Watch organization and launched a war against Mereel's followers. In the end Jaster Mereel's faction, called True Mandalorians, would prevail but the Death Watch managed to survive fading into the shadows waiting for a new time to strike. It would be under one of Tor's descendants Pre Vizsla that the Death Watch would make a second grasp at power by attempting to assassinate Duchess Satine Kryze, the ruler of the New Mandalorians.

Notorious members Bo-Katan and Vizsla

From the planet Mandalore's moon, Concordia, Vizsla's followers launched several attacks on Mandalore and the other worlds nearby. However the Death Watch would fail to win this fight as well and were defeated with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's assistance. They would later come across the Sith Lord Darth Maul and his brother and apprentice, Savage Opress, whom they saved from freezing to death in an escape pod. After supplying Maul with a new set of robotic legs, they formed an alliance with the pair in order to retake Mandalore. This led to them allying themselves with the Black Sun, the Hutt Clan, and other criminal organizations before launching an assault on Mandalore.

The various criminal parties acted the part of invaders, while the Death Watch came the aid of Mandalore's citizens. However, after being accepted by the people, the Death Watch turned on and imprisoned their Sith associates. Maul and Opress later escaped, and Maul challenged Pre Vizsla to a duel for leadership of the Death Watch. Vizsla lost and was murdered by Maul, leading to a schism in the Death Watch, with those still loyal to Vizsla's memory becoming a rebel force while others amongst the Death Watch became Maul's honor guard. These two forces would later engage each other, with the loyalists gaining the aid of Obi-Wan; Maul's forces would also be attacked by Darth Sidious.

Notable Members


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