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Domino Squad


Armor color:
"Guys! We've got to follow orders. Come on!"
"I don't know. I think that that went rather well."
"Quit jokin' around!"
"Can we please stop arguing?"
"Can you stop being droid bait out there? You're getting in my way!"
"Actually, our way.
―Domino squad fighting with each other[src]

Domino Squad was a group of clone cadets in training who were under the surveillance of bounty hunter Bric. The members included Hevy, Fives, Echo, Cutup, and Droidbait. Domino squad was jokingly given their name because of their tendency to fall in training sessions one by one. However, as they progressed, the team managed to become a coordinated unit when they were given a re-take for their final training exercise in which they put to use their ingenuity to complete the task. They were then deployed to a listening post on the Rishi Moon, where a droid attack took the lives of Droidbait, Cutup, and Heavy, leaving only Fives and Echo.

As of the Battle of Lola Sayu, Fives was the only remaining member of Domino Squad, after Echo was presumed dead when their escape craft was destroyed. Later in the war, Fives was killed in a confrontation with the Coruscant Guard after he was framed for attempting to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Following that incident, however, it was discovered that Echo had survived the blast and was being held by Wat Tambor on Skako Minor. He was freed when Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, and a Clone Commando squad called "the Bad Batch" raided the facility, and he returned to Republic service.

Former Members


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