The Clone Wars

ES-01 was a male Elite Squad Trooper who served in a squad as one of first non-clone soldiers conscripted into the Imperial Army shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire. His squad was selected by Vice Admiral Rampart to serve under the command of Clone Commando Crosshair.

A cynical man, ES-01 doubted Crosshair's ability to lead the squad, sharing Rampart's belief that the Clone Troopers would soon be obsolete. This attitude proved to be his undoing when he refused to follow Crosshair's orders to execute civilians on Onderon. Crosshair killed ES-01 as an example to the rest of the squad.



ES-01 joined the Imperial Military and became part of an elite squad shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. His squad was selected by Vice Admiral Rampart to demonstrate the effectiveness of non-clone recruits to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Rampart assigned Crosshair to lead the squad, optimistic that veteran clones could provide the best training any recruit could receive. Although he was initially restless after arriving on Kamino, ES-01 favored the Empire over the Republic, now having a job that provided ample food and shelter.

His squad would soon receive their first mission; Tarkin ordered Crosshair's squad to wipe out a rebel camp on Onderon led by Saw Gerrera (a mission previously given to Clone Force 99, which they refused to carry out). En route to the planet, ES-01 questioned Crosshair's ability to lead the squad. He was confident that, before long, the clones would be phased out entirely in favor of more skilled soldiers like himself.

When the squad arrived at the rebel camp, Gerrera was gone but a group of fighters and refugees remained. Crosshair's squad attacked and swiftly mowed down the soldiers. When the surviving civilians could not tell them where Gerrera had gone, Crosshair ordered they be executed. ES-01 refused to comply, saying the order was wrong, and attempted to convince the rest of the squad to ignore the clone's orders. Crosshair responded by drawing his pistol and killing ES-01 on the spot, using him to coerce the rest of the squad into finishing the mission.

The squad killed the civilians and returned to Kamino. Despite ES-01's defiance and death, Rampart was confident that newer conscripted soldiers would one day surpass the abilities of the old Republic's clone troopers.


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