The Clone Wars
Electro-Proton bomb

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The Electro-Proton bomb was an experimental ion weapon developed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. It was created solely for the purpose of annihilating droids.


Developed by Republic scientists, the electro-proton bomb essential served as a massive ion grenade that was designed to be deployed by bomber craft. When activated the device released a powerful electromagnetic pulse capable of damaging any droids within the expansive blast radius.

Electro-proton explosion

The blast after the bomb was detonated

Chancellor Palpatine first authorized the use of the weapon on Malastare after the Confederacy of Independent Systems deployed a large invasion force to take the planet and its fuel resources. Dr. Sionver Boll, one of the minds behind the device claimed that the weapon would only affect droids, meaning that all clone troopers and other organics nearby would remain unharmed by its use. The Dugs, natives to Malastare, agreed to the decision in order to defeat the massive army of battle droids that had invaded their homeworld. Ultimately the bomb was successful in defeating the Separatist forces. None the less the Dug Nakha Urus, a local official, had some fears that the bomb would have serious effects on the delicate balance of Malastare's ecosystem. Frankly he was correct, following the use of the bomb, the last of the terrible Zillo Beasts awakened from its slumber deep beneath the planet's surface and began attacking clone troopers and the local Dug population.