The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars

Fennec Shand was a human mercenary who worked for the Hutt Clan during the age of the Galactic Empire. She made a name for herself as a deadly sharpshooter, tracking down targets for the top crime syndicates of the galaxy. At some point, she was hired to track down the enhanced clone Omega, who had escaped from Kamino alongside the fugitive Clone Commandos of Clone Force 99.



Fennec Shand was contacted by the Sullustan Raspar Six, who had located the ship of Clone Force 99 on Pantora. On her ship, she opened a hologram of the clone girl Omega and ordered Six to not allow the Bad Batch to escape.

Shortly after arriving on Pantora, Shand met Omega, who had become lost in Ro Station after chasing a voorpak craft. The bounty hunter offered to help Omega find her companions. As Shand and Omega walked through the city, she tripped a trader carrying fruits and, after pocketing two fruits in clandestine fashion, gave one to the hungry Omega. Omega noted that she hadn't paid for the food, but Shand told her that sometimes it was fine to break the rules. She also questioned why Shand had a blaster, to which Shand responded that she used to protect herself.

Clone sergeant Hunter then appeared and order Omega to step away from Shand. Omega was initially puzzled, saying that Shand was helping her, but then Shand opened fire on Hunter and engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. After headbutting the clone and stunning him, she chased Omega, but the girl escaped down a hatch and into the maintenance tunnels.

Shand eventually caught up to Omega, who had been joined by her friend Wrecker. After Omega began to climb a ladder out of the tunnels, Wrecker took on Shand himself, but she easily evades his attack and knocked him out. Shand then chased Omega to the top of a tower. After blasting the door open, Shand grabbed Omega from her doom after she was thrown back by the blast. She then dropped Omega in a hovertruck below and followed her. But Omega pulled a lever on the truck which caused the bounty hunter and the truck's goods to fall and land on an airspeeder. She then threw the owner out of the airspeeder and continued the chase.

As Hunter tried to save Omega, Shand rammed her speeder into him, causing him to swerve away. She then took out a pair of Pantoran security officers who had begun chasing them. Hunter returned to continue the chase and blasted the engines of Shand's commandeered speeder. When Hunter tossed a pyro denton explosive, Shand was forced to jump out and land in the streets as the speeder exploded and crashed. Without a vehicle to give chase, Shand watched as her quarry escaped. She then returned to Six, who told her that he tried to stop them and begged for mercy. She threw him a credit and told him to contact her if he located Clone Force 99 before informing her employer she would continue the hunt for Omega.

Shand would continue her career, making a name for herself working as an elite and expensive mercenary for the underworld's top crime syndicates, including the Hutt Clan. At some point in her career, she became wanted by the Imperial Security Bureau.


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