The Clone Wars

Feral was a male Zabrak Dathomirian who lived in the outskirts of Dathomir. Along with his twin brother, Savage Opress, he was one of the few tribal leaders who were nominated to become the next "great warrior". Feral had a great bond with Savage Opress.


Feral, like all other Dathomirian Zabrak, had a complex tattooed-and-yellow skin tone as well as mulitple small horns on the crown of his head. His black, facial tattoo pattern was slightly different to that of Savage Opress'. During Asajj Ventress' trials, he used a spear-like weapon with many blades emerging from its sides.


Feral was born the son of Mother Talzin on Dathomir. As a Dathomirian Zabrak male, he was a Nightbrother and had two blood brothers, Maul and Savage Opress.


Until 21 BBY, Feral lived as one of the tribal leaders in his Nightbrother community, living closely and in admiration to his older brother Savage. He, his brother Savage, their father figure Viscus and several other male Zabraks lived untouched by the Clone Wars until Asajj Ventress, under influence of Mother Talzin came and selected several of them to compete for her.

Feral, along with his brother, was nominated to be taken to the Nightsisters to be transformed into a true warrior. He and only a few other of his kin were selected to enter the trials.


Feral's death

Always staying close to Savage, Feral managed to survive the first two trials, being the sole survivor apart from his brother. In the third trial, Feral was unable to keep up with Savage's movements and was caught and beaten by Ventress. Almost choked to death, Ventress is then knocked back by Savage, coming to his rescue. As Ventress recovered, Savage told her to let Feral live and take him instead. Feral then walked away, defeated. When the trials were finished, Feral, injured, sadly watched as Savage was taken to the Nightsisters by Ventress.

During Savage's mutation, Feral is somehow captured by the Nightsisters as a prisoner. After Savage's physical mutation process was complete, Asajj Ventress brought forth Feral and ordered Savage to kill him as a final test of his power. Feral pleaded to his brother as he tried to persuade him not to kill him, but was unsuccessful. Obeying Ventress' command, Savage effortlessly choked Feral to death.