The Clone Wars

Fil, formally known as CC-3714, was a clone commander under Nahdar Vebb's command.


Fil was armed with DC-17 hand blasters while his clone armor sported intricate maroon designs and his kama and pauldron were designed similarly.


Lair of Grievous[]

After Grievous landed in the castle's secret hangar, he was ambushed by the group. Fil and his men drew their blasters, but Grievous did not comply with Fisto's demands for surrender and ignited four lightsabers. The Jedi managed to contain the former Kaleesh warlord, severing one of his cybernetic hands. Fil ordered his men to use grappling hooks to hold Grievous, while Vebb and Fisto tried to finish Grievous off. Grievous released himself from the clones, but Fisto severed Grievous's cyborg body in half from the waist down. The cyborg General fled from the area and entered the lair's secret command center. The battle with Grievous had resulted in the loss of two clone troopers, leaving only Fil and one last trooper alongside the Jedi.

Fil and the other survivors tried to flee from the castle, but Grievous trapped them by shutting the outer doors. Fil contacted Bel and Niner, guarding their shuttle, and ordered them to contact their fleet, near the Inner Rim planet of Bestine IV, for more clone trooper reinforcements. However, one of Grievous's Magna Guards used a missile launcher to kill the clones. Grievous revealed a trap to the surviving Republic squad in the command center and opened a molten incinerator pit, which was under Fil and one remaining clone trooper. Fil and the remaining trooper fell into the pit; the other clone was killed, but the commander fired his grappling hook and managed to save himself with the help of Vebb and Fisto.


As Grievous continued to eliminate all Republic troopers and the Jedi, he sent out his pet roggwart, Gor. As the Jedi were battling it, the roggwart grabbed Fil with its tail and viciously slammed him against the ground. By the time Nadar Vebb managed to sever its tail, Gor had already slain Fil. Nadar swore revenge on Grievous for killing the commander.



The Clone Wars[]