"It's been a long time, my friend."
―Valorum to Yoda[src]

Finis Valorum was a Human male who served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic in the years prior to the Clone Wars. He was born on Coruscant and was later elected Chancellor. However, Queen Amidala introduced a Vote for No Confidence in his leadership during the blockade of Naboo, and he was succeeded by Chancellor Palpatine


Valorum was elected Chancellor of the Republic in the decades prior to the Clone Wars until he was removed from office following a Vote of No Confidence in his leadership. During his time in office he dispatched Sifo-Dyas and his personal aide to resolve a dispute with the Pyke Family since his expert on the underworld. He was succeeded by of Naboo, left the Senate soon after and maintained a estate on Coruscant.

The Lost One


During the Clone Wars ten years after his removal from office. He was visited by his old friend Master Yoda personally at his estate on Coruscant. To talk to Valorum about a sealed the data file on Sifo-Dyas, after he had dispatched him and his personal aide to resolve a dispute within the Pyke Family on Oba Diah. Yoda questioned him as to why he had sealed the file while investigating the true cause of Sifo-Dyas's disappearance.

Personality Traits

Valorum was known to be a well-meaning man and attempted to stop corruption in the senate. During the Blockade of Naboo he attempted to resolve a conflict between the Trade Federation and Naboo, however ended him being removed from office.

Behind the scenes

  • Finis Valorum was voiced by Ian Ruskin.
  • George Lucas described Valorum to former United States President Bill Clinton and also, describing Valorum as "a good man but he's beleaguered"



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