The Clone Wars

Geonosis was a barren, desert covered planet located in the Outer Rim and it was the homeworld of the semi-insectoid Geonosian species.


Geonosis was located in the Geonosis system, in the Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim. Geonosis was surrounded by a planetary ring. The planet had fifteen moons and was orbited by a star called Ea. The surface of the planet was dominated by dry red deserts, mesas, mountains, tunnel networks and the hives of the native Geonosians.


Clone Wars[]

The planet was controlled by the Confederacy of Independent Systems for the first two years of the Clone Wars and was the site of the war's first battle. It was here that the first wave of the Droid Army was manufactured in the massive droid foundries on the planet, under the oversight of Archduke Poggle The Lesser. This new formidable military force would display it's killing potential in the First battle of Geonosis where it destroyed nearly 200 Jedi.

Later, during the second year of the war, the planet was attacked again by a large group of the Galactic Republic, an attack that lead to the capture of Poggle, the destruction of a new foundry and the death of queen Karina the Great.


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