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Gor was General Grevious's personal pet roggwart. He was a tall reptilian creature that had old, rusty, armor covered in the blood of its prey.


When Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Nahdar Vebb, Commander Fil, and several other clones entered Grevious's lair to finally defeat the menace, in an elaborate test for Grievous arranged by Count Dooku, by multiple traps. When Kit Fisto and his remaining companions finally arrived to Gor's Cage, Gor was looked upon as a giant compared to the Republic troops, and attacked the intruders viciously. The beast eventually managed to kill Commander Fil with his powerful tail. But Fisto and Vebb managed to strike several fatal blows, finally killing him. When Grevious returned to the security room to see if his pet killed the Jedi, he was enraged to find his pet dead on the floor. Grevious later attacked and defeated Nahdar Vebb and swiftly killed the over confident Jedi Knight, Grevious also tried to attack Kit Fisto but Fisto escaped aboard his fighter.


Gor was equipped with many menacing cybernetics, that protected him, these cyborg limbs, and armor was a way of resemblance toward it's master, General Grievous. Gor had hard, cold steel armor, that coated his forehead, down to his tail. His horns came from out his helmet, and also had four cybernetic limbs, that sprouted from his armor, on his back. Though he had strong armor, that could take some hits from any blaster, his armor could not protect him from the raw energy of a lightsaber.


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