The Grand Army of the Republic, or simply known as the Clone Army, was the main bulk of the Republic's military forces during the Clone Wars. The army was made up of hundreds of thousands of soldiers cloned from the bounty hunter Jango Fett's DNA. After the two hundred thousand initial clones were created, over a million more clone troopers were added to the army when the Clone Wars started.


The GAR's structure had certain organizations and a hierarchy that was to be followed throughout the war. With the hierarchy, the leading positions were the Supreme Chancellor and the Supreme Commander while the lowest position was a regular clone trooper. The clones themselves were divided into several organizations of troops, each of which had their own commanding officer. These organizations also divided the regular clones from the Special Forces clones.



Organization of Regular Clones
Title # of Troops Leader
Grand Army All Troops Supreme Chancellor
Systems Army 294,912 Troops High Jedi General
Sector Army 147,456 Troops Senior Jedi General
Corps 36,864 Troops Clone Marshal Commander/Jedi General
Brigade/Legion 9,216 Troops Senior Clone Commander/Jedi General
Regiment 2,304 Troops Clone Commander/Padawan
Battalion 576 Troops Clone Major
Company 144 Troops Clone Captain
Platoon 36 Troops Clone Lieutenant
Squad 9 Troops Clone Sergeant

Organization of Special Operations

Organization of Special Operations
Title # of Troops Leader
Special Operations Brigade 10,000 Troops Senior Jedi General
Commando Group 500 Troops Unknown
Company 100 Troops Unknown
Troop 20 Troops Unknown
Squad 4 Troops Sergeant

Ground Vehicles

Aerial Vehicles

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