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"Why'd you do it, Argyus?"
"A clone like you would never understand. I wanted a life more than empty servitude."
"And for that, you'd betray the Republic?
―Gree, to traitorous Senate Guard Captain, Faro Argyus[src]

CC-1004, nickname of Gree for his interest in alien species, was a clone commander during the Clone Wars and was the leader of the 41st Elite Corps and its divisions. Gree was placed under the command of Jedi General Luminara Unduli and later in the Clone Wars, He served under the command of Jedi High General Yoda.

Bombad Jedi

Clone Commander Gree arrived to take Nute Gunray into custody after he was captured by Senator Amidala and Onaconda Farr. 

Cloak of Darkness

Commander Gree and the Green Company were present on board the Tranquility when the prisoner Nute Gunray, was transferted for transport to Coruscant for trial. When the Tranquility was boarded by Super Battle Droids, Gree helped cut off the droids with General Luminara and saved both his men and the ship. After Senate Commando Captain Argyus revealed himself as a traitor and killed his fellow Commandos, Gree confronted him. Gree shot Argyus' blaster out of his hand while Argyus used Gunray as a shield. Gree's blaster was then kicked out of his hand and the two enaged each other in a fist fight. Gree knocked over Argyus and had won the fight when Gunray snuck up behind him and knocked him unconcious. Despite Gree's efforts, Gunray ultimately escaped with the aid of Argyus and Ventress.

Gree without helmet

Commander Gree without his helmet in "Cloak of Darkness"

Weapons Factory

Clone Commander Gree was involved in the campaign to destroy a Geonosian Droid Factory in the Second Battle of Geonosis with Luminara Unduli



Gree's customized Phase I armor.

As senior commander of the 41st Elite Corps, Gree wore customized Phase I Clone Trooper Armor with several, distinct, green markings. Gree was commonly seen wearing a black-colored bandoleer, which held extra ammunition, and had a utility belt, where he stored thermal detonators. He had a holster on his belt which held one DC-17 blaster pistol. He also knew how to operate a jetpack, which he utilized for certain missions.


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