The Clone Wars

"Arriving at the prison center now"
―Helios-3D responding to Cad Bane.[src]

HELIOS-3D, nicknamed 3D, was an IG-86 sentinel series assassin droid that was worked alongisde bounty hunter Cad Bane during the Clone Wars. Like all assassin droids, HELIOS-3D had advanced programing that was unrestricted when it came to acts of violence.


HELIOS-3D bore many white markings as well as a generic blaster rifle. Like all IG-series assassin droids, he was equipped with a built in with a red dot laser sight and a flashlight.

Hostage Crisis[]

3D was first seen piloting one of Cad Bane's two speeders. 3D stayed behind with the speeder after dropping off Aurra Sing, an Unidentified Assassin Droid, and Robonino.

Later, Cad Bane demanded that Chancellor Palpatine release Ziro from the Republic Detention Center. Obeying Bane's orders, Senator Orn Free Taa escorted 3D to Ziro the Hutt. Shoving the senator back with his rifle, 3D took Ziro back to the Senate Building to pick up Cad Bane and the rest of the group.


  • In the Clone Wars novel, Hunting the Hunters (Part III), after the attack on the Senate Building, 3D transferred his memory and data into a B1 Battle Droid to remain hidden from the Republic forces that were after him.