"Diplomacy failed the Republic long ago."
―Halle Burtoni[src]

Halle Burtoni was the Kaminoan representative in the Galactic Senate. After the clone troopers were made, Kamino earned a seat in the Senate, and Burtoni was elected. When Padmé Amidala proposed a reduction in the production of clone troops, Burtoni and Senator Mee Deechi joined to oppose the bill, and instead proposed an increase in clone trooper production. She personally told Amidala that her views on the bill were pro-Separatist Council. When Senator Onaconda Farr was murdered, Amidala and Senator Bail Organa suspected her and Deechi of murdering him. They both denied it. When it was discovered that the poison administered was Kaminoan, she was supsected and arrested by Tan Divo. She denied everything to do with the crime, but was just as soon released when it was discovered that Rodian Aide Lolo Purs was the murderer. Afterwards, when the vote was cast on the clone production bill, Burtoni and her support won, and the production of clones continued as usual.


The strong-willed female Kaminoan Senator is well-respected in both the Galactic Senate and in her own world of Kamino which is known for its production of the clone troopers. The aged Kaminoan bartered her clone production efforts into a seat in the Senate, and she longed for nothing more than to see Padmé's peace-promoting efforts fail. Senator Burtoni's aggressive and intrusive behavior made her not only an intimidating character, but often a suspect in criminal and unethical activities to further her political career.


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