The Clone Wars

Hay-Zu was the dictator of the Patitite people. He was disliked among the Patitite people as he required children to fight for him and supposedly many other unfavorable acts.


Hay-Zu was a rather obese, purple and pink skinned Patitite. He was always seen in his personal chair and wore a grey outfit and boots. Although he was unusually large for his species, he was very small in size like all Patitites.

Nomad Droids[]

When C-3PO and R2-D2 arrive on the Patitite's planet, they are brought to Hay-Zu, who greets them with contempt. After a short discussion, Hay-Zu allows the droids to leave the planet but R2-D2 insists on dealing with the dictator. Hay-Zu was killed when C-3PO accidentals knocked down R2-D2, smashing him.