The Clone Wars
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High Orbit Precision Entry (H.O.P.E.) Squad was a four member Clone Commando unit that deployed on orders from the Jedi High Council. This unit wore the specialized Katarn Commando armor which was painted in a number of color schemes similar to those found in other clone armor styles. H.O.P.E. would deploy using customized drop


H.O.P.E. squad

pods launched from Acclamator-class assault ships.


H.O.P.E. squad inserting on Yorn Skot

During the Clone Wars the High Council sent H.O.P.E. Squad to assist Jedi Master Treetower on the planet Yorn Skot where sadly the entire team save for their leader were killed.

Behind the scenes[]

The concept of H.O.P.E. squad shares similarities with the HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) technique for paratrooper insertion.


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