The Clone Wars

A hologram

A hologram was a three-dimensional, matterless projection used by millions in the galaxy.


Holograms were used for entire representations of people or objects, all sides of which were completely visible. Unlike screens, however, holograms could not display a background; only objects within the recording's range were shown. Also unlike screens, holograms had lower quality as they often flickered and the main color of the image projected was blue and red. Though more advanced versions were full color and could be used for disguises, such as the Holographic disguise matrix.



Jedi and clone officers examine an encrypted hologram of General Grievous

Holograms were often used by many simply for communication, such as meetings of the Jedi Council, or by military forces to display layouts and schematics. Astromech droids were capable of performing both of these tasks with the hologram projector they were equipped with.

Holograms were also used for target practice, by the Grand Army of the Republic, for example, who would fire upon holograms of Battle droids and avoid those of Jedi.