The Clone Wars

The Holographic disguise matrix (also known as the Shadow Hologram) was a device that allowed the user to holographically disguise him or herself as someone else. The matrix was invented by the renowned master-of-deception, Sinrich.

While the Holographic disguise matrix allowed its user to disguise themselves in a perfect and flawless replica of someone else, even being able to modify the user's voice to match the person's voice, it possessed a limited time span and power supply, meaning that the matrix was only good for short-term infiltrations.


At some point in his life, Sinrich invented the Holographic disguise matrix, which quickly earned him fame due to the device's usefulness.

During the Clone Wars, the Holographic disguise matrix was used by a team of bounty hunters to try and kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. Embo, Twazzi, Derrown, and Rako Hardeen all disguised themselves as Senate Commandos while Cad Bane disguised himself as a Neimodian delegate.