The Clone Wars

The Hutts were a species of sentient, large gastropods from the world of Nal Hutta. The species penchant for criminal activity allowed them to expand their influence to distant worlds like Tatooine, Hypori, Saleucami, Mandalore, Sleheyron, Teth and many others. Although physically Hutts were much weaker than Humanoid species, almost all notable Hutts became leaders of massive criminal enterprises.

Like Toydarians or Trandoshans the Hutts possess a natural level of resistance to mind manipulating force techniques.


Hutts were large, slug like creatures. They had no bones, most of their bodies consisting of fat and organs. They still had an erect stance, moving around on a thick tail. Hutts' skin ranged from green and brown to blue, purple and gray, and was thick and leathery. Hutt's faces were very unsymmetrical, their nostrils were usually of different shapes and their folds of skin sloping down differently. The faces' had wide mouths and large, colorful eyes. The Hutts, unlike the other gastropods, were not hermaphrodites, but like humans, were separate male and female Hutts and their reproduction and childbearing required two Huts of different sexes.

Notable Hutts[]