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Ishi Tib were a species of sentient, humanoid amphibians from the planet Tibrin. They had green skin, large eyes that extended from angular stalks on either side of their skull, and a beak-like mouth.

Biology and appearance[]

Ishi Tib were sentient humanoid amphibians hailing from the planet Tibrin. They were distinguished by their green skin, the two large gold eyes extending from angular stalks on either side of their skull, and their beak-like mouths. Among the Ishi Tib, opening ones beak without a sound was the equivalent of a human frown. They had a very acute sense of smell, and were able to use it on land and under water.

The Ishi Tib race was descended from a species of bony fish that had large, highly-developed, fluke-like fins. They escaped predation by leaving the ocean and staying on land for short periods of time, and natural selection allowed the development of arms, legs, and lungs. Reproduction among the Ishi Tib was considered a necessary part of life, although marriage was unheard of in their society. Males and females were paired together as needed by a school of Ishi Tib, and the fertilized eggs were kept safe in hatcheries. Thus, no Ishi Tib individual knew who their parents were.

Society and Culture[]

They inhabited Tibrin's oceans, and spent most of their lives under the water. Their thick, green skin helped to retain moisture, making the Ishi Tib fairly adaptable in other environments. However, an Ishi Tib who lived away from the water must soak in a briny seawater bath every thirty hours or so in order to maintain their skin's moisture levels and to keep their lungs moist.

As a species, they were highly sought after as efficient organizers. They were also noted for their tenacity when threatened, which stood in stark contrast to their otherwise subdued nature. The desire to kill another being was often suppressed, but an individual Ishi Tib was not above cannibalizing an opponent with sufficient provocation.

The Ishi Tib eventually built cities upon the coral reefs of Tibrin's oceans, taking great care so as not to disrupt the delicate environmental balances.

Notable Ishi Tib[]