The Clone Wars

Jar Jar Binks was a Gungan Representative serving the planet Naboo in the Republic Senate. He found himself in danger on three occasions, although his tactical skills and accidental heroism lead him always out of his frequent mishaps.


Bombad Jedi[]

―Jar Jar Binks as he numerously mislabeled C-3PO[src]

Accompanying Padmé Amidala and C-3PO to Rodia, Jar Jar was faced with the task of "babysitting" C-3PO. He found a rivalry with the native Can-cells before being attacked by them. While watching over C-3PO, a Crab Droid attacked him and launched himself and Jar Jar off of the landing platform. Jar Jar ended up living however, and he managed to save C-3PO from a mass of droids. He proceeded to masquerade as a Jedi and aide in Pamde's rescue.

The Gungan General[]

After Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were kidnapped by Hondo Ohnoka and his pirate gang, Jar Jar helped to send in the ransom: 1,000,000 credits in spice. During the descent to the surface, however, their shuttle was attacked. Senator Kharrus saved Binks, yet in a twist of fate, died along with the pilots. Jar Jar proceeded to bury him, grieving over his acquaintance and savior's death. He later saved the clones by taking refuge in a geyser, although it erupted, but they escaped. After chasing down pirates on Skalders, Jar Jar took out the "Bombad Clankers". He then single-handedly breached the hideout's power couplets and saved the Jedi.