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"This is Kalani. I assure you he will succeed where you have failed."
Count Dooku, to Onderon King Sanjay Rash[src]

Kalani was a Super tactical droid General of the Confederacy of Independent Systems that served during the Clone Wars. At the time of the Battle of Onderon in 20 BBY, he was ordered by Count Dooku to provide droid reinforcements to Onderon by request of King Sanjay Rash.


King Sanjay Rash was failing at keeping the Separatist-controlled planet at peace, so Count Dooku sent Kalani to help out. He complained that he did not have enough information to create an intelligent action, but made due with what he had. When Saw Gerrera was captured, Kalani was present during his torture. Later on, Sanjay Rash ordered the execution of King Ramsis Dendup to weaken the Onderon rebels. Kalani and his troops were present as Rash was about to execute Dendup, and when the rebels attacked, Kalani ordered his troops to attack, but Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano Force-pushed them all back, so Dendup was rescued. Kalani knew this couldn't go on any longer.

Sanjay Rash death

Kalani, as he executes Sanjay Rash.

He sent HMP Droid Gunships to attack the rebels at their secret base in the mountains. However, the gunships failed as well, and Rash, furious of all the loss, contacted Count Dooku via hologram to ask for more help. Dooku, realizing that his forces couldn't hold Onderon, ordered Kalani to end the invasion, and leave with his troops. At Dooku's command, Kalani unceremoniously raised a blaster and shot Sanjay Rash, executing him. Afterwards, Kalani left the planet with his army.


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