The Clone Wars

Kashyyyk was a planet in the Mid Rim near the Trandoshan homeworld, Trandosha. The surface of the planet was covered with jungles and forests of trees spanning many hundreds of metres into the air. Due to the unique rotation of the planet Kashyyyk essentially has only one season.

The most notable feature about Kashyyyk was its massive forests composed of wroshyr trees which stretched from the very surface ground to the skies thousands and thousands metres above. Below these trees were dense swamp lands that few every dare to venture to because of the immense dangerous involved. The most notable sentient life, the Wookies, lived in their cites which were crafted from the jungle around them.

On occasion the Wookies would venture down to the lower depths and encounter other vicious predators and plants capable of devouring full grown Human beings as part of their rite of passage ceremonies.

Native Life[]

Clone Wars Era[]


The vast forests of Kashyyyk were inhabited by many creatures.

Being located in the Outer Rim and lacking a strong planetary government Kashyyyk for a considerable time was a neutral system during the Clone Wars. In fact the planet's leaders even seriously contemplated joung the Separatists in their fight against the Republic. However after Droid Army General Grievous attempted to use force to expedite their conversion to the Confedarcy Grievous drove the Wookies to seek an alliance with the Republic leading to the Battle of Kashyyyk toward the end of the war. Master Yoda and the 41st Elite Corps under the command of Senior Commander Gree with the Wookiee warriors to defend the planet against the Droid Army.