Katuunko was the King of Toydaria during the Clone Wars. Unlike other Toydarians, Katuunko was pompous and had hair. Reluctantly, by 21 BBY, Katuunko sided with the Republic, and later served in the Republic Senate.

Supply Lines


Katuunko expresses his desire to meet with Yoda.

Katuunko was first dragged into the war when representative Jar Jar Binks and Senator Bail Organa asked for permission to establish a supply station to supply Ima-Gun-Di and the Twi'lek population of Ryloth with much needed humanitarian aid. Katuunko initially refused, but only to convince Separatist ambassador Lott Dod Toydaria intended to remain neutral, and thus was not an enemy to the CIS. Katuunko later spoke with Binks and Organa in private, agreeing to send the supplies. Sadly, Jedi Master Di was already dead by the time the supplies arrived at Ryloth, however none the less Katuunko agreed to communicate with Master Yoda about a potential alliance.


Yoda arrived on Rogusa, the Toydaria's moon only shortly before Asajj Ventress, who had brought a small Droid Army to take Toydaria by force. A short battle took place in which Yoda and three of his surviving clone troopers succeeded in making it to Katuunko's location thwarting the droid forces in the process. Ventress under instruction from her master Dooku attempted to kill the King after he refused to ally with the Separatists. Ventress almost struck down the King but Yoda then saved him from Ventress, earning his trust, gratitude and a new alliance. Katuunko, now allied with the Republic, served in the Senate and was present during many discussions about deregulating banks and the production of new clones.

Witches of the Mist


Katuunko stands firm against Savage Opress.

After gaining a replacement for Ventress, Dooku sought revenge on the Toydarian for rejecting his demands a year later, he sent his new assassin, the Sith Zabrak Savage Opress to Toydaria. Opress cut his way through Katuunko's guards and aproached the King. Katuunko fought with his sword but Savage cut it in half. Katuunko flew attempting to escape but Savage grabbed him. At that moment Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker came in, prompting a duel. In midst of this, Katuunko began to escape, but Savage turned around and force choked him, snapping his neck then Katuunko fell on his back, dead. When Savage brought the corpse to Dooku, his Master was furious, calling him an ignorant beast for bringing him dead, not alive as he had commanded, and punished the Zabrak with Force lightning.


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