The Clone Wars

"The last time I was on one of these ransom missions, I spent three weeks in a dungeon!"
―Kharrus on a ransom mission[src]

Kharrus was a Male Senator of the species Gran during the Clone Wars.


Kharrus adorned himself with a valuble staff that he cherished throughout his life. He, on several occasions, served the Chancellor and himself. Early, or before the war, Kharrus was sent on a ransom, spending three weeks in a dungeon as prisoner. His surviving made him a logical choice for the ransom on Florrum. He found himself accompanying Jar Jar Binks on a ransom mission to Hondo Ohnoka for Dooku. While their shuttle prepared to descend however, they were bombarded. Jar Jar, unknowing on how to strap himself in, was ultimately saved, by Kharrus. As the ship crashed, Kharrus's safety strap blew off the hinge, throwing him against the wall. He died instantly of the impact, and Representative Binks buried him, his beloved staff being the memorial's lavish centerpiece.