The Clone Wars

Kin Robb was a Human female senator from Taris during the Clone Wars. She was often seen wearing deep purple gowns, a golden vest, and a violet headpiece.


Kin Robb was present at a meeting by Senator Philo to discuss the blockage of the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill that the Chancellor wished to bring forward. The meeting, however, was caught in the middle of the bounty hunters Cad Bane's raid on the Senate, and she was held as hostage by Bane to bargain with the Chancellor for the release of the Hutt Ziro. The Chancellor was forced to meet Bane's demands if he was to get the senators out alive.

Some time later, Robb was seen having dinner with Senator Onaconda Farr at the Senate dining commons, where Senator Padmé Amidala was dining with Senator Rush Clovis.