The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars

Kix, designated CT-6116, was a clone trooper medic in 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. He served as a squad medic and was placed under the command of Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and also served temporarily under General Pong Krell.


Kix wore colored Phase I armor which bore many blue markings. His body armor contained a large blue triangular design for easy identification in battle. Without his helmet, Kix had a shaved head with lightning bolt designs streaking down both sides. The left side of his head bore a tattoo that read, "A good droid is a dead one." His phase II armor bore darker blue markings.

The Deserter

Kix examines Rex

After General Grievous crashed on Saleucami, General Obi-Wan Kenobi organized a planetary search for the sinister droid general. Captain Rex led a team that consisted of Kix, Jesse, and Hardcase to investigate the escape pods scattered across the planet. As they traveled through the fields of Saleucami, Rex was sniped by a pair of Commando Droids. As the team's medic, Kix tended to the Captain. They took shelter in a nearby farm and left Rex in the care of a local family while regrouping with General Kenobi's forces.

Darkness on Umbara

Kix insists that the men need some rest

During the battle of Umbara, Kix served alongside fellow troopers Jesse, Hardcase, Tup, Dogma, Fives, and Rex. He managed to survive the first part of the battle with Anakin and survived when General Pong Krell took command. But while the Clones were walking on their way to the city, Kix notified Rex that most of the men were tired. After Rex told Krell, the Jedi told him the clones needed no rest.

The General

"We can't just leave them, sir!"
"We don't have a choice. That's an order."
"You sound like General Krell."
"Look, Kix, it's more important to save yourself now. If we survive, you can patch up the wounded later.
―Kix and Rex arguing over the injured men[src]

Later, during the attack on the Umbaran supply outpost, Kix made an effort to take care of the injured and complained that Krell's plan would result in too many clone casualties. Rex insisted that he could aid the wounded later. When hearing this, Kix told Rex he sounded just like General Krell.

Carnage of Krell

As ordered by Jedi Genera Pong Krell, Kix and other trooper prepared for the execution of fellow clones Fives and Jesse. However, mid-way into their act, Fives convinced them that what they were doing was wrong, and they unanimously dropped their arms.

Kix was later called on to fight a platoon of Umbarans disguised in clone armor. As his unit moved into the dark woods, they were ambushed and returned fire. After he confirmed their targets, he and his comrades pushed forward, only later realizing from Rex that their attackers were not disguised enemies but actual clones. Distraught, the troopers ended the skirmish and regrouped. Kix helped retrieve the dead and aid the wounded. He brought Rex to Waxer, the other platoon's leader, who informed them that General Krell had orchestrated the friendly fire.

Shocked and angry, the remaining clones formed together and attempted to seize Krell. However, the Jedi escaped and was pursued by clones into the forest. He was then captured and executed when they returned to the base. As reinforcements from the 212th showed up, signaling the campaign's victory, Kix and others near him reflected on the aftermath.


After the 501st was deployed to Kiros, the Separatists forces detonated bombs hidden amongst the clone units. Kix aided the injured with other medical personnel.

The Unknown

"Did you check all of his scans?"
"Well, all of his scans are clear. As far as I can tell, this is a combat-related stress. It seems he's had some sort of breakdown."
―Anakin Skywalker and Kix, discuss Tup's medical condition[src]

Kix gives his diagnosis to the general

During the Battle of Ringo Vinda, Kix served alongside General Skywalker again in an ongoing stalemate aboard the Ringo Vinda space station, which encircled the entire planet. With the assistance of Jedi MastersTiplar and Tiplee, the Republic finally began to gain an advantage. However, during the final push on Confederate Admiral Trench's command post, Kix's comrade Tup entered a delusional trance which led him to assassinate General Tiplar. In confusion, the Republic line faltered and was forced to retreat, with Tup now in custody.

Kix attempted to examine Tup for apparent injury at a safe position, but the delusional trooper only continued repeating, "Good soldiers follow orders." When Tup spotted Tiplee standing nearby, he pushed Kix aside and attempted to attack her. She picked him up using the Force and threw him against the wall in the anger of her sister's death, but Skywalker calmed her and decided to transport Tup to a medical bay before he attacked anyone else.

In the medical bay of a Jedi Cruiser, Kix ran scans on Tup's vitals, all of which came up clear. Kix speculated that the trooper's actions resulted from combat stress, but Rex countered that the Clones were designed to withstand any stress. Fives added that since Tup had no memory of his actions, there may have been another factor at work. Skywalker and Tiplee concurred with this theory, aware that the Separatists had been developing biological weapons targeting Clones in particular. Whichever way the case, Kix knew that the only place with the equipment and knowledge to properly treat Tup's condition was the science labs on Kamino. Skywalker agreed and arranged to have Tup be transported there immediately.


Fives goes to Kix for help.

After allegedly attempting to assassinate the Chancellor, Fives goes on the run and seeks the help of his friends at a clone bar on Coruscant. Fives notices Kix and Jesse, so he follows Kix into the restroom and explains that he has been framed and that there is a conspiracy. Fives convinces Kix to contact Rex and get the Captain and General Skywalker to meet him at Fives' choosing coordinates.

The Bad Batch

"These guys are clones?"
―Kix when he meets Clone Force 99[src]

Cody, Rex, Kix and Jesse.

Along with the 501st Legion, Kix fought in the Battle of Anaxes, in which he was part of a squad along with Jesse, Cody, Rex, and Clone Force 99 to infiltrate the Cyber Centre. During the ride to the Cyber Center, their gunship was shot down, though everyone besides the pilot survived. Only Cody was seriously injured, who was stuck under the gunship. After Wrecker managed to get the gunship off him, Commander Cody was unable to fight. Kix would stay with Cody to evacuate him while Captain Rex, Jesse and Clone Force 99 finished the mission.

Personality and Traits

"Sir, as the team medic, when it comes to the health of the men, including you, I outrank everyone."

Loyal to the 501st Legion and the Republic, Kix was a clone medic who did all he could for his wounded brothers. He believed that regardless of rank, he outranked anyone when it came to the health of the soldiers, going as far as to give orders to Rex after he was injured on Saleucami.

Despite his loyalties to the Republic, it didn't stop him from questioning General Krell's plans to take the capital or the Umbaran airfield. Throughout Krell's dangerous plans and tactics, Kix worried about the high casualties that would be sustained. With the high number of injuries that he had to deal with, Kix would easily become distressed by not being able to help his brothers, going as far as killing Banshees that were eating bodies of dead men and firing blaster bolts at heavy ray shields in a fury.