The Clone Wars

Lama Su was a male Kaminoan who served as the Prime Minister of the planet, Kamino. In addition, he oversaw the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic.


Clone Cadets[]

Su talked with Shaak Ti when the Domino Squad was ineffective, to which he advised that they be terminated.

ARC Troopers[]


Su was present at the central command center during the Third Battle of Kamino to help coordinate the Republic defensive when the Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked Kamino to cut off the supply of Clone Troopers. She thinks that the Republic blockade is to strong for the Separatists to break through and attack Kamino.


Lama Su, accompanied by his aide Taun We, hosted an inspection visit by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin in Tipoca City on Kamino. Tarkin's objective during the visit was to determine the Empire's need for clone troopers following the proclamation of the New Order by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars.

Throughout the visit, Lama Su worked on convincing Tarkin of the merits of his trained clones versus conscripted soldiers, utilizing Clone Force 99 to demonstrate clone superiority. Tarkin instructs Lama Su to use live fire on The Bad Batch for a training exercise and though he eventually complies, he expressed reservations over using live for out of concern for the clone's safety as well as the facilities.

When Clone Force 99 defected from the Empire and returned to Kamino to retrieve Omega, Nala Se assisted in their escape by remotely preventing the bay doors from closing. After Clone Force 99 successfully escaped, Nala Se informed Lama Su of their escape as well as the loss of Omega. Under Lama Su's instruction, she agreed to refrain from informing the Empire of what had occured


Lama Su came to Tarkin and Rampart stating that their clones have conscripted troops are less then the Kaminoan's military troops, which were trained since creation. Rampart said their skills could well be passed on, much to Su's discontent.

Lama Su and Nala Se then met to discuss what they must do to keep their clones relevant. Su told her that their asset must be reclaimed: their lives depended on it.


During a military meeting in Tipoca City's command center, Crosshair reported that Clone Force 99 was spotted on Bracca. Lama Su stated that the clones would be useful if captured alive, but Rampart dismissed this claim and ordered Crosshair and his squad to terminate them.

Nala Se later came to Su to ask what came next. Su was worried that their time was short and decided to dispatch is own bounty hunter. Cad Bane, to recover the asset.

Bounty Lost[]

Hired by Lama Su, Bane traveled to Bracca and captured Omega. He reported his success back to the Kaminoans, prompting Su to send Taun We to their decommissioned cloning facilities on Bora Vio to retrieve Omega. Though unbeknownst to Lama Su, Taun We would fail at this when she was killed by the assasin, Fennec Shand.


"A scientist, I have use for. A politician, I do not. I'm afraid your services are no longer needed."
―Rampart to Lama Su, as the latter is detained[src]

Lama Su, after hearing what Rampart and Crosshair said about them, summoned Nala Se to his room, where they planned to get the important Kaminoans and flee Kamino. Eventually Rampart caught her and brought her to Lama Su, who pretended he had no idea what happened. Rampart says that a scientist is necessary but a politician is not. Then Rampart locks Lama Su in his quarters with 2 of his troopers, presumably knocking Lama Su out and detaining him.


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